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Navigating a Good Divorce

My guest is the fabulous second curver Sarah Armstrong, a trailblazing businesswoman and author of the book "The Mom's Guide to a Good Divorce: What to Think Through When There Are Children Involved".
Like many couples, Sarah and her husband faced challenges that led to her considering divorce. They both knew it was not an easy decision, but they were determined to make the best out of the situation, especially for Grace. Sarah witnessed ugly divorces among friends and knew she needed to approach her own situation differently. As a result, she focused on making Grace the priority throughout the process.

The Power Of Micro Steps

You will want to hear every piece of wisdom from ultimate second curver Sahar Hashemi OBE. A hugely inspiring serial entrepreneur, author and speaker, she is known for her remarkable journey and contributions to the world of business and entrepreneurship. In her best-selling book, Anyone Can Do It, she advocates that anyone who really wants to be an entrepreneur can be one. We discuss the power of small steps and micro shifts in moving forward and how second curvers can apply her motto of leap and the net will appear. It is all about making the first step and not worrying about having all the answers.

Trust your instincts and never look back

You will love my guest, Frances Atkins, mega chef and Second Curver. She shares her incredible journey to becoming to a renowned British chef. We discuss her early passion for cooking and her determination to follow her culinary calling despite societal expectations. From starting as a dishwasher in a male-dominated kitchen at the Box Tree restaurant to honing her skills in renowned establishments across Europe, Scotland Frances shares her relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and the key life learnings she adopted on the way.

How to unleash the Power of Transformation at Any Age

My guest is the fabuIous Second Curver Bobbi Parker Hall, fitness entrepreneur and wellness coach who shares her inspiring journey and how she motivates individuals of all ages to become the best version of themselves. Bobbi shares some of her second curving secrets which I hope will also motivate you.
We cover all bases on challenging times from the menopause to major upheavals in her marriage. Despite the obstacles, Bobbi discovered strength through fitness and exercise, which became her guiding light.

Pivoting to Climate Tech for Greater Impact

I had the best time talking to Eliot Brooks, an amazing human being and serial entrepreneur. Eliot and I met a long time ago when he joined our programme at Centre for Entrepreneurs. Eliot began his career in finance and technology before co-founding Thriva, looking for a solution to his own health problem. Eliot is a true second curver, having successfully grown his first venture, he could no longer ignore his inner guide, sending him in a new direction to address a major challenge which he was passionate about. Again, he was brave and took the jump and he tells us how he did it here.

Unpacking the Journey of Self-Transformation

I am so excited for you to hear in direct from my incredible and inspiring guest, major Second Curver Tracy Woodward, a trailblazer of the beauty and wellness industry. Get ready for some practical learning on self-talk, the importance of telling yourself you can and why self-care is truly healthcare. Tracey is a highly respected titan in the world of wellbeing. She is an industry thought leader, sits on multiple boards and is an active investor in the space. She is also Co-creator for Kalmar.

Sustaining grit through radical naivety

I have the absolute pleasure of sitting down with serial Second Curver, the incredible Sian Sutherland, co-mastermind behind A Plastic Planet and PlasticFree. You are going to get some vital types for embracing what you don’t know and how this can be your new superpower.

How Animals Asia Became a Force for Change

I am so delighted to welcome Second Curver Jill Robinson and share her inspiring journey to end the bear bile industry in Asia. Her life changed in 1993 after a harrowing visit to a South China bear bile farm. Jill took a stand and launched Animals Asia, an organization committed to raising global awareness about bear bile farming and to ending it for good.

Exploring New Second Curves

Tom’s entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of inspiring. His transformation from a biology student to a thriving entrepreneur who co-founded PENGARNA has been a tale of determination and sheer hard work. Yet, what strikes me most about our conversation is his decision to step back and take a much-needed break from the business.

Unlocking the Power of Everyday Creativity

I love Lyn Slater. That is it!

She is the ultimate second curver. An academic, an author, a model, a stylist and Accidental Icon, Lyn has appeared on the cover of world-renowned magazines and modelled for some of the biggest names in fashion including Valentino, Dior and Uniglo.
Lyn speaks about her journey from academic to becoming a global fashion icon. She emphasises the importance of embracing unconventional ways to express yourself and being open to new experiences and the ability to adapt and evolve, second curving from one role to another.

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